Ski Plus English Programs

English plus ski

Ski Plus English Programs

If you need to improve your English and would like to enjoy winter sports during your course, you're in the right place. Many of the English schools listed here have English plus ski packages, and they all organize ski trips on weekends for their students. Get in touch with your school of choice to find out how you can fit skiing or snowboarding in to your course schedule.

English plus skiing in North America

The western United States has thousands of ski resorts, many with excellent reputations. Western Canada is also known for its winter sports.

  1. There are several English schools in Salt Lake City, Utah which are less than an hour from the ski areas that hosted the Winter Olympics in 2002.
  2. The two English schools in Whistler, Canada are within minutes of the ski lifts and are specialized in combination English + ski courses. Vancouver is just a short ride from Whistler, so any English school in Vancouver will leave you time to ski on weekends. The Vancouver English Centre has a dedicated English plus Ski program, as do several other schools in Vancouver.
  3. The University of Nevada Reno's Intensive English Language Center puts you within an easy drive of Lake Tahoe, which is pleasant in the summer as well as the winter.
  4. For a ski destination well off the beaten path, the ESL program at the University of Alaska, Anchorage is a great choice.
English plus skiing in New Zealand

During the New Zealand winter, these islands are known for their adventure sports including great skiing. You can choose from English schools on the North or the South Island.

  1. There are three English schools in Queenstown, New Zealand, the country's most famous ski resort town.
  2. On the South Island, the Taupo Language Outdoor Education center right on Lake Taupo has a range of winter activities on offer, as well as an exciting summer program for outdoor types.
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